Adaptogen-R3, Premier Research Labs, 90 caps
Adaptogen-R3, Premier Research Labs, 90 caps

Adaptogen-R3, Premier Research Labs, 90 caps

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The Lean-Body Boost That Delivers Enhancement For Optimal Performance, Immunity and DNA Synthesis*
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Adaptogen-R3 from Premier Research Labs

Premier Adaptogen-R3 is recommended for:

  • Hormone Support - adaptogenic herbs balance hormones naturally
  • Athletes - they improve energy and endurance for working out
  • Overweight Individuals - adaptogens support the hypothalamus which affects hunger
  • High Stress Levels - an adaptogen is a natural relaxant which lowers stress on the body
  • Type A Personalities - they have a calming yet energizing effect
  • Fatigue - adaptogens nourish the adrenals which help chronic fatigue syndrome naturally

Key Benefits of Premier Research Labs Adaptogen R3:

  • Maximum performance
  • Increased energy
  • Endurance
  • Enhanced oxygen & nutrient uptake
  • Enhanced fat loss when used with a balanced diet
  • Supports healthy adrenal function
  • Optimal neurotransmitter
  • Improved Memory & Mental function
  • Broad spectrum endocrine rejuvenator, especially the pituitary-adrenal axis

What is an Adaptogen?

An adaptogen is a phytonutrient that has the amazing ability to help normalize or "adapt" the body's physiologic functions to a higher rate of functioning, regardless of the person's current health status (i.e. whether you are an athlete or chronically ill). Adaptogens are able to take you from where you are, so to speak, and then help move you to the next level. Taking them over time can create higher and higher states of well being. This action is thought to be mediated via the hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal axis, the pathway linked to longevity.

Now you can see why adaptogenic botanicals were so valued in the past - many kings and privileged royalty considered regular consumption of adaptogenic botanicals as the key to great vitality and a long, healthy life - indeed, conferring the ability to enter the "Quantum Energy Zone."

How Does It Work?

PRL Adaptogen-R3 is not a "jolt product," loaded with stimulants that rev up weak adrenals such as ephedra. Instead, its unique, adaptogenic botanicals are a synergistic blend combined to focus on nourishing the glands and organs, including the adrenals, as well as creating maximal oxygen and nutrient transport to the muscles and connective tissue to ensure optimal support, detoxification and immune function. Higher levels of energy and strength can be yours, helping to move you into the "Quantum Energy Zone".

Because of the unique adaptogenic effect of PRL Adaptogen-R3, it can produce profound improvements across the full spectrum of fitness: from the competition athlete looking for better running times - to the couch potato who wants to get rid of the flab.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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