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Medi-Mineral Serum, Premier Research Labs, 8 fl oz
Mud Pack fluid to detoxify, remineralize & revitalize
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Medi-Body Bath, Premier Research Labs, 25 oz. Powder
Gentle, Detoxifying Bath which helps relax muscles and rejuvenate the body
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Medi-Dental Pack, Premier Research Labs, 5 oz. powder
A cleansing dental pack with premium montmorillonite clay.
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Medi-Soak, Premier Research Labs, 2.38 lbs Powder
Gentle, Detoxifying, Electrolyte Foot or Body Soak
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Enema Bucket, Premier Research Labs
Plastic Enema Bucket with Hose
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Green Tea-ND, Premier Research Labs
Nanized green tea concentrate - anti-aging/radiation, digestive, connective tissue, energy support.
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QC Oil Blend, Premier Research Labs, 1 oz.
QC Oil Blend is an essential oil blend in a pure castor oil base.
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