In my last blog post, I suggested drinking more water as a quick and easy way to improve your health.

Hopefully, you started drinking more water! :)

I do want to mention that it's very important to have clean water to drink. 

There have been plenty of tests and studies showing tap water may not be the best to use as drinking water. There have been many chemicals, parasites, etc. found when testing city water.

I know not everyone wants to go purchase bottled water all the time or buy an expensive purifying system for their home. 

If you want to, great! However, there are plenty of options that will improve your drinking water if you're currently drinking tap water.

There are very reasonably priced water purifiers you can buy to attach to your kitchen faucet.

I found this article online with some good inexpensive options...

Again, these are a step in the right direction if you're currently drinking tap.

My mindset with health, and all things in life, is "How can I do it better than I am right now?"

It's about improvement, not perfection. Much easier to do and more enjoyable too!