Medi-Soak, Premier Research Labs, 2.38 lbs Powder
Medi-Soak, Premier Research Labs, 2.38 lbs Powder

Medi-Soak, Premier Research Labs, 2.38 lbs Powder

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Gentle, Detoxifying, Electrolyte Foot or Body Soak
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Medi-Soak from Premier Research Labs

Gentle, Detoxifying, Electrolyte Foot or Body Soak

Premier Research Labs Medi-Soak is typically used as a foot bath, for approximately 20 minutes in warm water, which can gently detoxify the entire body via its maximum cation exchange capacity from its multiple, highly ionized natural sea mineral sources.

When the feet are immersed in the Medi-Soak solution, a remarkable ion exchange occurs. Nutritive minerals are taken up through the many sensitive acupressure areas of the feet into systemic circulation and simultaneously, there is a gentle exchange of toxic compounds which are liberated into the water from the body.

PRL Medi-Soak can be used effectively and without concern for side effects, even for the chronically compromised and elderly all the way to the competition athlete. To feel immediately refreshed after a long day, many people enjoy the soothing effect of the Medi-Soak foot bath. Medi-Soak can be a significant help for those suffering from detox symptoms. In fact, many practitioners often recommend a Medi-Soak foot bath when a person is experiencing uncomfortable detox symptoms such as mood swings, mental fogginess, physical pain anywhere in the body as well as many other detox complaints.

The Medi-Soak foot bath can be a real ace to help rapidly clear these distressing detox symptoms and may allow even an elderly person to regain a better sense of well being and balance in a relatively short time.

For Use with the Medi-Body Pack

Premier Medi-Soak is also a critical component of the revolutionary Medi-Body Pack system (i.e. the use of ancient mud pack therapy using moor mud, shilajit, volcanic clays and other synergists) to permanently reestablish the healthy bio-energetic flow through previously traumatized areas of the body, such as scar tissue which has been shown by research to have the capacity to send abnormal reflex signals to other parts of the body to disrupt its physiology.


Foot Bath: Place 1 cup of Medi-Soak® and 8 cups of warm water in a plastic (nonmetallic) container wide enough to place your feet. This 8:1 ratio (water to Medi-Soak®) allows maximum rejuvenation and cleansing of impurities. Briefly swish the contents around in the water with your hand. Some of the mineral crystals will dissolve but not all. Retaining some whole crystals in the bath helps create a benefical cleansing effect. Soak feet for 10 to 20 minutes. Then towel-dry feet. Discard bath water down the drain (do not re-use). For best results, after the bath, spend a few minutes outside to receive beneficial solar radiation (day or night).

Target Body Areas: Repeat the procedure above to cleanse other body areas, such as hands, elbows, etc.

Whole Body Bath: Add 2 cups of Medi-Soak® to your bath water. Swish the contents around in the water to dissolve the crystals. Soak in bath for 10 to 20 minutes. Towel-dry your body. Drain bath water through tub drain. Recommended: after the bath, spend a few minutes outside to receive beneficial solar radiation.
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