PyraGran Nuggets, Premier Research Labs, 10 lb
Premier PyraGran

PyraGran Nuggets, Premier Research Labs, 10 lb

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PyraGran Nuggets from Premier Research Labs

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High Resonance Granite Nuggets with bipyramid crystals

We are very excited to announce that Premier's brand new PyraGran Nuggets have just been released! These highly energetically resonant PyraGran Nuggets are used to energetically remediate homes and offices. Through QRA testing we find that only 3 of these large nuggets are needed at each corner of the home or office, and they can be placed about 6 in. into the ground.

With growing EMF concerns, we're thrilled to be able to offer the PyraGran Nuggets to energetically remediate the home, school and office and strengthen the Biofield. In addition, the PyraGran Nuggets are exceptional at promoting natural soil health and energetically enhancing plants and flowers around the home and office.

Why PyraGran Nuggets Work

PyraGran Nuggets are composed of llanite, a rare type of pinkish colored granite named after Llano County, Texas, the only place in the world where this type of rock is found.

It is a rare variety of rhyolite porphyry that is naturally embedded with unusual blue quartz crystals in the form of hexagonal bipyramids as well as containing a trace amount of magnetite, giving it exceptional properties.

A bipyramidal crystal is a crystal that consists of two identical pyramids base to base. Some researchers believe this unique type of crystal gives llanite its unusual properties.

In Your Garden

Garden Soil Use: PyraGran Nuggets help create better soil health and drainage to help plants thrive. Excellent when mixed in garden soil. Mix PyraGran nuggets into the top 6 inches of garden soil.

Walkways, Planting Beds and Garden Boundaries: Excellent for use in these areas. PyraGran Nuggets may be placed along the sides of walkways, mixed with planting beds or along the boundaries of a garden to promote soil moisture and drainage. Once PyraGran is put in place, its properties will continue working for you for many years to come!
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