QC Integrator vial, Premier Research Labs
QC Integrator vial, Premier Research Labs

QC Integrator vial, Premier Research Labs

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Helps improve the body's own healing ability and maximize nutrient uptake.
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QC Integrator Vial from Premier Research Labs

Premier QCI Vial contains a unique blend of highly paramagnetic and diamagnetic substances including rare earth minerals sourced from all over the world.

When the vial is placed in contact with the external meridian flow on the head, the QCI Vial immediately begins to initiate a dramatic, healing, repolarizing effect on the natural biofield of the body.

Use of the Premier Research Labs QCI Vial:

  • Is a quantum leap in restoring the fully active bio-field in the body, an essential prerequisite for full, maximum healing power
  • Rapidly re-establishes the coherence of the disordered bio-field in the body using a small, unique QCI Vial which transfers high frequency, beneficial earth fields to the body via contact; after this rapid high-energy transfer, a small pinch of coral mineral powder is placed directly on the tongue to lock in and stabilize the newly reestablished, coherent bio-field
  • Helps accelerate the own healing ability of the body and maximizes nutrient uptake
  • Takes only a few seconds, several times per day (simple and easy to do)

What are the Quantum QCI Minerals?

The minerals in the Quantum QCI Mineral Vial are whole, complex minerals, naturally occurring in nature, sourced from an ancient, pristine volcanic deposit. They are specially sequenced to re-modulate the human bio-field so it can rapidly restore its own normal functioning. These minerals are used as a base for their energetic signature rather than as a source of bulk minerals.

Recommended Use of the QCI vial:

1. Take a deep breath and hold it. Then gently tap the QCI Vial on the vertex of your head 3 times. Then let your breath out. It is that simple!
2. Place a very small pinch of coral mineral powder under your tongue and let them slowly dissolve for a few seconds.
3. Repeat 5 times a day - upon arising in the morning , right before eating each meal, right before taking nutritional supplements, and right before bed.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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