pH Paper Roll, 7/32
pH Paper Roll, 7/32"x15 ft

pH Paper Roll, 7/32"x15 ft

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Paper Roll to Test Morning Urine pH
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pH Paper Roll from Premier Research Labs

Disease Thrives in an Acidic Environment

Did you know that most degenerative disease attributed to aging, such as cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease, and other diseases such as allergy, kidney stones and gallstones have all been scientifically linked to mineral deficiencies that result in your body fluids becoming more acidic?

Scientists report that over 150 or more degenerative diseases are caused by high acid levels! Parasites, viruses, bad bacteria, and disease cannot live in an alkaline body.

Coral Calcium can be used increase your pH level making your body more alkaline. The more alkaline you are, the more oxygen your body fluids have.

What Is Your pH?

To test your own body's pH:

  • Collect a small sample of your first morning urine in a clean cup.
  • Check the pH of your urine by dipping a small piece of Premier pH tape into your urine; then immediately match the color of the tape to the pH color chart on the roll.
  • The number corresponding to the color tells you the pH.
  • Immediately match the color. *If you delay for a few minutes, you may get a false reading.

Ideal pH:

An ideal first morning urine pH range is between 6.4 to 7.0.

Acid pH:

A urine pH below 6.0 is in the acid range (minerals badly needed; time to rebuild your mineral status).

Highly alkaline pH:

A urine pH over 8.0 is often a danger sign, warning you that your pH is too far out of range. (Minerals are exhausted; you may be in emergency alkalosis where the body is using anything it can [i.e. ammonia] to try to buffer the increased acid load.) In addition to mineral supplements, it is important to increase the alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables) and decrease the acidic foods (meat, dairy, grains, etc.) that you consume.
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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